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  Consulting services Best Aero Handling Ltd. Aviation services. Consulting services. Best Aero Handling Ltd. Consulting services. Aviation services. Best Aero Handling Ltd.  
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AVIATION SERVICES • Consulting Services

Consulting direction "Best Aero Handling Ltd" was created by a group of professionals in the field of aviation, accounting and consulting business.

Company personnel have the necessary experience and expertise in solving problems faced by airlines in different regions of Russia.

Best Aero Handling Ltd.
Aviation services. Consulting Services.

Our employees have a university degree in economics and organization of air transport and a wealth of experience in implementation since 1995, complex, high-tech projects in the field of auditing and consulting services to major airlines and travel companies in Russia.

We provide managers and shareholders of large, medium and small companies a wide range of services in the following areas:

Production system of internal control and internal audit

This unique offering will allow management to reduce the cost of the mandatory annual audits, without recourse to external organizations, always be sure of the authenticity and reliability of accounting data, to exclude financial and tax risks.

Accounting, tax, financial and management consulting

Allow to assess the reliability of accounting data, the investment attractiveness of companies quickly identify and eliminate systemic methodological errors, evaluate the effectiveness of the existing accounting and financial documents, minimize tax risks and tax payments, manage financial flows in terms of minimizing tax losses, to determine the program's financial development and investment will provide the leadership needed in the business and reliable information to make economically feasible and correct management decisions.

Development and audit of accounting policies for accounting and tax accounting

The work involves essentially global setting accounting methodology at each workplace, each unit with the actual conditions of management, which will ensure the unity of method of accounting, will increase the accuracy of all forms of reporting, significantly reduce the number of errors, depending on the qualification level of the perpetrators and, thus, reduce tax risks.
Audit current accounting policy is required in the implementation of integrated management systems, information systems, automation of accounting processes.

Conducting regular and ad hoc seminars on accounting, tax and management accounting

Further training of staff in the most convenient time for you. We will hold seminars in Moscow and in any region of Russia and around the world.

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